Why I shaved my head (2016)

On 5th of August, 2016… I finally decided to shave my head FOR REAL after having the idea for years. Should I do it? What will my parents think? Can I go to work and school? No… no more questions and I am gonna do it!!!!

This is the ultimate video that made me shave my head unhesitatingly… without giving a second thought…

How can you do it?

There are several organizations that you can donate. I chose the Alopecia Foundation for my donation. Always remember to read the requirements before cutting/ shaving as they cannot use your hair if it does not meet the requirements. It’s better if you can raise funds too, although I simply cut my hair at a salon and posted only. But still, they can earn money by selling the wigs made of your hair.

Alopecia Foundation: https://aaaf.org.au/donate-hair/

How do you feel?

Trust me! It was an amazing feeling. It actually helped me to enhance my level of self-confidence. I really felt my inner-self… like I could do anything and everything. I felt like it was a new beginning.

Personally, I believe that the researchers are the saviors of the world. They come out of the comfort zone to make our lives comfortable. Therefore, helping to raise funds with my hair made me radiant inside giving me the feeling of a contributor.

How others reacted?

Well…  Simply you will receive two different WOWs; one before knowing the cause (wow!!!) and the other at the end (woooooooooooow). When my parents first saw me through a video call, they shocked at once; same with my friends. Those doubtful faces exposed the I-have-no-clue struggle in their minds. Some started to think that I was a cancer patient, mentally ill or a would-be Buddhist nun. Anyway, everything instantaneously faded away once they knew that it was for a good cause.

Final Thought

I stood upright in front of the mirror, looking at my own reflection. I felt like I was setting out a new journey, a brand-new beginning with a stronger heart and a high spirit. The baldness did not matter, I was totally fine to get up, dress up and never give up on my dreams.

I was truly amazed how certain strangers started to get closer and told their stories. I could connect with people and nature more with a sudden awakening of a concealed empathetic side of the heart. It also helped to filter out to the friends who would still hang out with me without considering how I look, making it an unexpected bonus to my journey.

Furthermore, as a person who is interested in different religions, I have heard stories about having a long hair considering it as an extension of the nervous system. Some said it enervates you if you shave your head. But actually, the bald head gave me a bold feeling. Especially, hair is considered as a jewel to a girl and being able to let go of 45cm long hair gave me the strength to face my fears fearlessly. It helped to endure any physical and mental pain with great fortitude.

Finally, “Less is More”… was the strongest feeling I felt.

P.S. It would be really good if you too can donate the hair. It does not necessary to shave the head; you can simply cut the required length and donate. Also, there are different campaigns such as coloring hair in order to raise funds for the researches. So why not helping with what you have right now.

The hair will always grow stronger and your heart too..

Here are some more links related to hair donations:

Also, the special thank goes to my little brother from another mother… Jonathan Teh.. Thank you for coming with me to the salon and capturing that unforgettable moment of my life.

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