Why a girl should live alone in a foreign country

The house is empty, raining outside, you make a coffee/ tea, grab some snacks, wear something very comfy (probably no undies) and sit down to watch a movie you were waiting to watch… sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?

You go to school in the morning, work part-time in the afternoon, cook your dinner in the evening, do your assignments at night (when the deadline is tomorrow) … sounds excruciating, doesn’t it?

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If you accumulate all the points, you can enlighten yourself with the yin-yang of this situation. One side is the hedonistic existence of freedom and independence, and the other side you have to watch yourself with the most sedulous care ALONE!!!

Lady Liberty

Repeat after me… “Freedom!!!” 😀 Considering where I was born and bred, most of the people I knew were conservative. There was this lady-thing… where you were supposed to come home before the dusk. But when you are alone, you hold the starting pistol to start whatever you want whenever you want. The sky is the limit (But I recently talked to an amazing lady, the first South Korean astronaut who went beyond that limit too). Doesn’t it sound cool? Well.. it is to me 🙂

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Kissing Strangers

Wait… Zip it!! I am not asking you to get the literal meaning and kiss the stranger next to in a subway (You can if you want). But I would love you to understand it deeply. You can touch the untouched, talk to the unknown and feel the unfelt as no one is watching. You begin to uncover the Feminine Muscularity shrouded with your vagina, ovaries and Rose lips. Hell… you get to know there is a ‘man’ in ‘woman’ and a ‘he’ in ‘she’. You will feel the strength and confident like you never had before.

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Talking to Mirror

Imagine a very silent and still moment. You only hear your breath and your thoughts. This is that precious moment you take pieces of advice from the only person who loves you unconditionally… This person is also known as ________ (fill in the black with your full name). No one else lived your life but you. So how can you possibly expect anyone else’s instructions to shape your life? When you live alone you understand it and begin to talk to the reflection you see in the mirror… falling in love with this person day by day… again and again… Once you start enjoying the time you spend with yourself making yourself your best friend, you will never ever feel alone.

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Being a Jenny of all trades

Once I came here to Australia, basically, I had the poker-face for a while as I was confused what to do and where to go in this foreign land having no close friend/ family. But when the time goes I realized, it is not about who you were, and it is about who you are. You don’t have a job? Fine. Let’s quickly built the skills we want for an entry level one. You don’t have time to cook? Fine. Let’s meal prep for the week. You don’t have money? Fine. Let’s make a list of expenses and see what to reduce. You will learn to be flexible and adjust the things as you go with the flow.

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Travelling means grab your backpack and evaporate at the speed of light

Remember the days you were with your parents/ guardian? They plan things for you. For me, there were days I wanted my mum to pick my dress to go somewhere. But when you live alone, you just need yourself. Although you don’t know the exact destination, you can still hug and squeeze your backpack as it has everything you want in the world and you can travel where you want to go. This is my favorite part of living alone.

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Climbing the tree of life

“As Above, So Below” A strong fruitful tree has strong roots. You will get the urge to be enlighted and shine. You will see the value of your life as well as the lives of every breathing-being. It is like you first make yourself strong enough to climb a tree and once you are at the top you get a better view of your surrounding. Then when you see something is wrong you do your best to help. You see the importance of having a good health, clean environment, and helping others invariably imbued with love and oneness.

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Being a Shock Absorber

According to Wiki, “A shock absorber is a mechanical or hydraulic device designed to absorb and damp shock impulses. It does this by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into another form of energy (typically heat) which is then dissipated.” And.. you become one when you live alone. Personally, most of the things I experienced succored me to master my patience. High tolerance helps to focus on what you want despite what happens around you. Just like a shock absorber convert kinetic energy into heat or any other form of energy, you will learn to convert negative feelings into something positive with a great tolerance. The ability to convert an arrow to a flower.. isn’t it beautiful?

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Everyone is unique making their experiences unique too. Of course, I have heard the cases where people end up ending up their lives due to depression as they don’t have anyone around to talk. But these sad stories should not stop you from trying new things and facing your life.

However, I am not convincing you to live alone forever. And, of course, you cannot live totally isolated in a society without any help. I am actually thankful for everyone I met as thier support means a lot to me. What I am telling is that it is good to have a period of your life where you live alone free from all your strong external attachments. Because when the outer noises stop, the inner voice speaks guiding you to the destination where you meant to be.

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For me, living alone felt like a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly
Yes, it is beautiful, yet challenging. Just like the Yin-Yang… Just like the Yin-Yang of life.

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