White Night 2017

It was 18th of February… The White Night-2017. The night was waiting for us.

My friends and I were totally excited as it was the first time we went there. The city life was not a new thing for us, but with such a crowd and cool stuff everywhere for 12h. ^_^ Well that was more than something.

It was full of music and light. Food stalls were open everywhere and There were food trucks too. Here are some images to share with you.

Lonsdale Lounge Cinema
Too bad we could not get a chance to sit and watch. This must be the only time you can watch a movie on a couch in the middle of Lonsdale street. 😀

The most interesting event was the Kissing Booth.
People who had enough courage to get into this chamber… yes most of them got free kisses.

Tried a pancake at 0000h from a food truck. It was really good.

The Chocolate Gelato with crushed nuts made me feel like I was in heaven. It was soooo goooood.

Girls were there waiting to take a photo with the Neon Angel Wings for 20 MINUTES. Well.. I already felt like an angel after having a heavenly Gelato. So I did not wait in the queue.

The 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music with dancing segment was very entertaining. People were dancing around enjoying it a lot.


Finger’s of light…

Yes he is alive although he looks like a statue..

The Purple Rain…

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