Two Bays Trail to 30km Walk

Destination: Mt Eliza, Two Bays Trail (In Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia)
Number of days: 3 (2 nights)
Attractions: Frankston beach, Mothers beach, Murrays Lookout, Franklins Lookout, Arthurs Seat Lookout, Matthew Flinders  Cairn, Seawinds Gardens, Mclarens Dam, Dromana Beach


It was the end of another beautiful year and suddenly I realized that I was going to have a looong weekend. I wanted to go somewhere far from Melbourne and enjoy some ‘me-time’. As always, I chose a place with a lot of trees and beaches 🙂

Also, during my stay, I had only Vegan whole food (except some Moscato Rosa). All I ate was Potatoes, Chickpeas (a lot), a jar of pickled Gerkins, a bunch of Lettuce, Mushrooms, Peanuts, 3 Apples, 3 Bananas + Water and Soy Mocha. And… that was more than enough to walk 30km within 1 day.

Day 1 ><

I started it on 22nd of December, 2017. The train to Frankston was in the morning. It took around 2 hours to go to the motel. But as the check-in time was at 2.30pm and it was too early, I went to Frankston beach on the way.

Started the day with Leftover Chickpea Water (aka. Aquafaba) as I boiled some Chickpeas to pack for my trip.

On the way…

I had my brunch near Frankston beach

I reached the motel by 2pm. Had a Soy Mocha and rest as I wanted to prepare myself for the hike next day. However, I made dinner. I made a Mashed-potato dish for my Chickpea I brought from home. Also, made a Salad with picked Gerkin and Symphony Lettuce.

Day 2 ><   ><

It was the Hike Day. I was so excited to get into the bush and feel the trees.

Here we start… 🙂

Soy Mocha + Potatoes + Chickpeas for brekky

Ready to go!!!!

Community Bus Stop… I got curious about this and checked my Myki pass too. I got to know that those buses were free of charge 🙂

Arthurs Seat Entrance to the trail. It was 9.15AM and here we go………… 😀

McLarens Dam

Kangaroos on the way and they were totally harmless

Seawinds Garden… This is a picnic area with toilet facilities.

Seawinds Lookout

Nothern Lookout ( Seawinds garden)

Continuing the trail…

Matthew Flinders Cairn


Merrays Lookout


Gondola lift at Arthurs Seat

Lunch on Dromana Beach

For lunch, I had a can of Chickpeas, a Banana and an Apple

Thought to walk to the motel and it was through a highway!!! no footpath… walking on grass.

Found a wooden staircase out of nowhere. Time for a photo shoot 😀

This was the route. It was longer than I thought.. as I changed my mind to walk back to the Motel instead of taking a bus.

Finally reached home around 4.30PM and finished my pickled Gerkin jar.

After having another Soy Mocha, I started making my dinner

Using resources to crush some Peanuts

Dinner………… Roasted Mushrooms and crushed Peanuts on top of Mashed Potatoes with some Greens

I did not feel that tired and painful as I thought… I mean after walking such a long distance! 30km!

Day 3 ><  ><  ><

The last day… Got the wrong bus and ended up in Frankston beach again. But that’s ok because my love for beaches is endless.

Having an Apple while waiting for the right bus… this time 😀

Finally came to ‘Mothers Beach‘. It is in Mornington.


After having a walk around Mornington, I took the train back to Melbourne.



I felt so happy after the trip. It is always fun to be a solo traveler. Not that I hate going with people, but when you go alone you can enjoy the freedom dangerously!!! 😀 It is a beautiful feeling. Sometimes I bring my journal and write how I feel.

There is no such place as “Safe Place” on Earth. Every second you are getting closer to your last breath. So… don’t be afraid to see the places.

Be fearless to the unknown and you will be amazed what you see!!!

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