Two Types of Patience

Patience… The word itself sounds so soothing, doesn’t it? Try saying it slowly and you will feel it ūüôā But actually, how do you define patience? I just googled “define patience” and this was the result.

When you yell at someone, if he/ she is silent, looking like a rock or a scarecrow it does look like patience. But truly, there is something more to think deeper if you look closer.


“It’s OK, I am fine, everything is good…” you suppress¬†your feelings and thoughts with those phrases. When things are not right you may just keep it to yourself morosely contemplating every moment inside. Someone yells and you remain silent while wanting to throw a unpinned grenade. It kills you alive, burning your Serotonin and leading you to depression. This is a pit with a limited¬†capacity and one day, when it reaches the limit it is going to explode making a raucous noise, killing you for real.

Letting go…

Use your gifted imagination and think of a bottomless pit. Whatever you put it just disappears. It looks calm and silent because there is nothing holding inside to¬†fight back. Things happen, people say things, but hey!! who cares! because your pit is empty all the time. There is nothing to explode, nothing to worry… You are totally harmless and have that amazing feeling of emptiness inside giving you the total freedom as you don’t take anything personally.


In real life, it is true that you experience both types of patience. There can be moments you just suppress your feelings and other times you let go of them. However, it is clear that letting go works so much better than holding everything inside and faking a smile when nothing is going well. It will take some time and effort to practice your mind to let go of things, but it is worth trying. I personally believe meditation works really well. Start with a¬†deep breath¬†and keep focusing on your breath… inhale..¬†exhale… and Enjoy the life.

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