To my dearest ‘The Unknown’

photo by: Lola

Here you posit..

You could have lost
A thing you valued the most
Simply forgive and forget
How could you do that??

It’s the same smile
same hug oh I feel
you don’t even look pale
looking vivid vibrant and vital

My dear wonderful…
I sense one day you will tell…

Oh my dear girl
The one I always fall
It’s my higher self’s call
The voice from my deep soul

The journey is so long
There’s a place where I belong
‘Freedom’ is the song
Burning desire does urge

Let me go…
Let me go…

And I say…

I could conquer
that day, fear and anger
Well, there’s no wonder
letting go of you my lover

You will find what you search
and I will help you to reach
as we are so engaged
yet so unattached
Yes.. We are unattached…

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