‘The Magic’ behind 24 hours

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Every day, I hear people complain, “I have no time to do this and that…”. But at the same time, in the same world, some still manages to do multiple tasks with zero complaints. I was really curious how the same 24-hour clock works in different ways to different people. Is there some kind of a magic behind????

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2+ years in Australia… I was able to manage to get good grades, work, have a healthy life (yep, zero doctor visits), manage relationships and see the beauty of Australia too. So there are some tricks I used, to manage my 24-hour day wisely in order to achieve goals.

What is Tomorrow’s Brecky?

Plan ahead! Yes, that is how it works. It is OK not to micro-plan every single thing. But first, have a good understanding of what you want. Do you have an assignment? Do you want to eat healthily? How about a clean room? Whatever it is, talk to yourself and ask what you want for real. Don’t overload yourself with million things. Have some common sense to know what the most important things are. For example, if you have an exam tomorrow and want to cook too, plan to cook something simple to save time to study.

First Things FIRST!!!

Once you have a clear understanding of what you want, then come to the stage where you prioritize your tasks. Simply, put your socks before putting shoes. Finishing that TV-series can wait until you finish talking to your parents; so call your parents first. Time to time, priorities can be changed. But, always wake up to do the most important things before doing the rest. If you don’t do the urgent and relevant tasks first, you will end up panicking later; and trust me… it will be a mess.

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One Thing at a Time

Multi-tasking is good, if possible. But, mostly you will end up feeling tired and not being able to complete anything. So have a focus and finish one thing first instead of trying to do everything at the same time. Certain researchers have proved that there is a switching cost and it is not effective to multi-task. If you want to study sit down and study for a certain period of time instead of studying for a few minutes and scrolling up and down in Facebook.

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Say No to “I will do it tomorrow”

It’s time to think about James 2:26.
As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.“Once you make a list, stick to it and make sure you put them into action. That does not mean you should kill yourself. There can be moments that you have to be flexible, but you will end up

Once you make a list, stick to it and make sure you put them into action. That does not mean you should kill yourself. There can be moments to be flexible, but you will end up cracking if you bend too much. Do not let your laziness give some unjustifiable excuses to postpone things.

Start and End the Day with Full of Energy

Your morning and night routines are really important. It is like the Introduction and Conclusion sections on a research paper. If you start the day with full of energy, that passes to each activity throughout the day. For example, if you wake up energetic, you shower feeling really good, you feel good after dressing up and having breakfast… it goes on. Also, before going to bed, if you feel good for having a great day you can have a good sleep which will lead you to wake up energetic next day which is a must to complete your to-do list.

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Stop Addictions

Addictions can kill your time like no other. It can be anything. Facebook, smoking, binge-watching TV series… Not only that, exercising, eating healthy and meditating can be addictive too. I remember there was a time I used to go to the beach or sit down near Yarra river for hours… yes.. sometimes 6 hours straight enjoying getting lost in my thoughts and breath (Overflowing Dopamine.. he hee). Then I realized that I should reduce the time I spend there as there were more important things to give priority. So if you are spending time on something continuously watch yourself and see whether it helps you to reach your goals. If not, stop!!! right now!

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It is OK to Ask for Help

I believe that humans suppose to live as a group helping each other. Therefore, it is OK to help others as well as ask for help. If you get stuck at a question in your assignment, ask from a friend rather than spending too much time on a problem. If a friend calls and asks “Hey, could you please bring a loaf of bread for me as you are already in the bakery?”.. do it for your friend as it will save his time. Personally for me as well, I could not have lived this far without the help of the people around me. So, have some guts to ask for help and help in return as well.

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Keep It Up

It is important to keep on track. Especially, at the initial stages, you should make sure that you don’t go back to early habits of time wasting. After doing it for a while, it will naturally become a habit and you will start to plan tomorrow before going to bed tonight. Your subconscious mind will be re-programmed to do so.

Here are some personal tricks I used…

  • Every Sunday have a rough idea on what you are going to do during the week and every night plan next day
  • Cook a few meals one time and refrigerate, to save cooking time
  • Plan your route (If the market is on your way home from work, go there on the way instead of going separately)
  • Do not oversleep as a routine
  • Have fewer things, the most important things (If you have 50 shirts, probably you will end up wasting time thinking which one to wear)
  • Move closer to your work/ school (if possible)
  • Have a cold and hot shower in the morning. The moment cold water hits your body, it really boosts your energy instantly

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Anyway, make sure you don’t push yourself too much for a long time. Listen to your body and it’s totally fine to have a lazy day after having a few productive days… You deserve it!!!

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