Point Nepean

Destination: Point Nepean (In Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia)
Number of days: 3 (2 nights)
Attractions: Fort Nepean, Gunners Cottage, Quarantine Station, London Bridge, Barracks, Gun Emplacements and a lot of historic structures and old military sites related to the settlement 150 years ago
Date: June 2019

This was our trip. It shows as 15 km. But trust me, when you see the sites it can be more than that because you get to walk through historic structures. So it is better to start in the morning… Then you have the whole day to walk around and enjoy it.

How to get here

From Melbourne city, it may take around 2 hours. But can vary depending on the time and traffic conditions. We drove there as it was the easiest way.

This is where we parked our car and started walking. Yes, it is a car park and had toilets too.

Day 1 ><

We left home on a Saturday evening and stayed at a hotel nearby.

Day 2 ><

Yes! This was the day… We turned on our walking mode and started the day! Although it was the winter in Australia, on that day, it was not that cold. We enjoyed the beautiful sky, fresh breeze from the beaches and the historical sites in Fort Nepean which was in service until the end of World War II (1945).

Day 3 ><

Since it was a long walk yesterday, we didn’t go anywhere else. We simply came home!

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