Lorne Alone

Destination: Lorne (A Town in Victoria close to Great Ocean Road, Australia)
Number of days: 3 (2 nights)
Attractions: Great Ocean Road, Erskine Falls, Teddy’s Lookout, Lorne beach


Exciting to its extremes!! My first ever trip going by myself!!!

I always wanted to be a solo traveler as it gives me a chance to listen to the silence. So as the first trip, umm a forest? Of course, I wanted a lot of trees by my side.

Day 1 ><

The journey started on 24th of June, 2016. OMG! Just turned 25 and I am going wild. I got into the train from Southern Cross station and it took around 3 hours to reach the destination by public transportation. The bus route was through the Great Ocean Road. This day I did not do anything, as it was almost 5PM when I reached.

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Day 2 ><   ><

This is the day one of my dreams came true. I wanted to see the Erskine Falls which. It is one of the main attractions in the area. Well… according to the Google Map, it was about 9.5km, 2.5h walk. But it was meeeee who wanted to go off-road! I went inside to the forest following a track and ended up with a dead end. So, up and down altogether it was about a 25km walk in a day! But it was totally worth. The beautiful Erskine Falls was smiling with me saying “Good job Sush” 😀 After coming home I was half-dead actually!!!


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Day 3 ><  ><  ><

Honestly, I had no strength to wake up. “Not sure whether I need a 24h sleep, a hug or 3 cups of coffee” Yep! That was the feeling. But the check out time was at 10AM and I packed everything to leave. Then I went to Teddy’s Lookout. The view was so amazing! Wooow.. I stayed there for a few hours and then moved to Lorne beach. What an evening… having a hot chocolate, listening to the sea waves 🙂 After that, came back home saying goodbye to Lorne.

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The trip is something I can never forget. I believe we all should go somewhere alone more than 1 time in the life. It teaches you the things that you can never learn from books. Especially the confidence you gain by facing the unknown. An unknown place, unknown people, unknown destinations…. I met beautiful people there and they showed me that we all belong to one big family. It was a really relaxing feeling and gave me the courage to plan another solo trip 😀

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