I Enjoy the naked body. You?

photo by: Marie Grimaud

We all are wearing clothes, both visible and invisible. Wait… ‘Invisible clothes’?? Yes! Let me explain.

The term ‘body’ is not related only to your bones and muscles. It is a combination of physical body and mind. So our body is a combination of tangible and intangible elements; water, air, thoughts… etc. As each part of our body is well-connected we need to be careful about what we eat, what we do, what we think, what we say.

Then the term ‘nakedness’… That means not covering, no decorations and it is in the original form.

We all were born naked. Some people choose to nourish the naked body and some will constantly try to put different clothes. Don’t you think that you should nurture and enjoy the nakedness? These are some of the key things I learned from my journey so far, related to being naked and enjoying it.

Be kind, gentle and nice to yourself and others you meet in your life

What is the connection between being kind and enjoying the nakedness? As humans, we suppose to live as a group taking care of each other. That is the original naked form of ourselves. It is true that we aren’t perfect and cannot please everyone, but give it a try to not to hurt as much as possible. Think for a moment that you help someone. You never wanted anything in return and you just did it. It made him/ her happy and you enjoyed looking at that smile. That person might have forgotten to say “Thank you”. But still you don’t care and you feel good like a normal human being. What happens at that moment is.. you enjoy the naked thought of being nice and enjoying it.

Live in the moment, right now!

“‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it the present” is something I love to tell myself. It is true. You seriously need to enjoy the life right now. You might be doing the things that you really don’t want to do. If so, change the thoughts now itself!!! Understand that this moment is temporary, your life has better plans for you and everything happens for a reason. Be naked and don’t let the ugly negative cloths to cover your mind and stop enjoying.

Eat healthy, exercise

This is something directly connects with your physical nude body. The things you put into your tummy decides your shape, size, sicknesses and thoughts too. Stand in front of the mirror naked and carefully look at your body. Is it in the right shape, do you see anything strange or can you simply be happy with it? So make sure you eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, leaves, nuts and do exercises. I am on a plant-based diet, choose to walk as much as possible and it helps me to enjoy my naked physical body and mind.

Meditate, be conscious

It is one of the best ways to enjoy both physical and mental bodies at the same time. Have you ever tried to stop thinking, have you ever tried to focus on one thing such as your breath, a song, or anything right in front of you. If not you must try it, feel the nakedness and the vibration. Also, it will help you to relax, forget your problems and feel soooooo high without alcohol or any other drug.

See the beauty of beautiful nature

Seeing the beauty of nature should be a habit of your day-to-day life because the feeling is amazing when you started loving and smiling with every flower you see on your way🙂 Constantly make connections with the things in nature can help you a lot to feel the purity of naked soul. You will feel happy and it will be easier to be happy just by looking at the sky. That is enjoying and you will never feel like stopping it.


Understand!!! What you do to your physical body reflects on your mind and what you do to your mind reflects on your physical body. Therefore make sure you take care of both your nude mind and nude figure. Although it does not belong to you forever, you have to live with it till you die. So enjoy!!!!🙂

MY DEAR FRIENDS, which part am I missing in the above list…? Always feel free to share how you enjoy the nakedness. 🙂

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