French Island to Devilbend

Destination: French Island, Devilbend Reservoir (In Western Port, Hastings and Tuerong, Victoria, Australia)
Number of days: 4 (3 nights)
Attractions: The beach around French Island and the bushwalk, Devilbend lake and the trail around, wineries.

It was Easter weekend and as usual, I planned last minute. Most of the inexpensive hotels were booked already and I also wanted to try Airbnb. So I thought of giving it a try and ended up realizing that it was one of the best decisions I made during this trip.

Furthermore, this time I ate outside a few times as I could save a lot on accommodation. However, of course, what I ate was vegan and simple.

Special Thank: It was my first Airbnb experience and I found a beautiful family to stay with. So my special thank goes to Angela and her family for opening their door for me with a short notice. I really felt like home there and enjoyed every moment.

Day 1 ><

I reached the house around 4pm and all I did was cuddling the little paws…. I kept hugging them and felt so good 🙂

It’s my dinner I brought from home… Pasta with lots of mushrooms.

Day 2 ><

I went to French Island taking the ferry from Stony Point jetty. Angela was kind enough to drive me to the jetty and pick me back in the afternoon as well. I booked the return ticket online via

I walked around 20km. As I did not plan where I go exactly, I walked on some of the paths more than once.



The Pinnacles Lookout…


Drew a heart on the way…. as I am thankful for this day… 🙂

The road was not always with beautiful things. I don’t think death is a bad thing… Maybe because I almost experienced it. Ending of something is always a beginning of another.

Lunch on the way….

Had a massive Soy Milk Shake from the General Store there. I was so full after that and did not want any dinner.

High five to myself 😀 😀 😀

My ever-loving travel buddy…. “The Backpack”

This beach was so unexpected. I turned off my phone’s GPS, went off-road and ended up on this beautiful beach. There was no one around and I could only hear the waves. The perfect place to relax and I was there for around 3 hours.

The beach was covered with seashells.

A little seashell heart 🙂

The backpack doesn’t ask silly questions.. backpack understands…

My ride is coming to me slowly… Time to go home….


Day 3 ><

It was a beautiful day to go for a walk… Angela and her family were kind enough to drop me to the lake and joined me the walk in the morning too. It was really good.
In the afternoon… I thought to explore the area alone and actually ended up walking more than I thought.

Came to this Cellar door + restaurant thinking to have lunch but it was fully booked.. :/

So these dried Apricots were my snack on the way… until I found food.

After walking almost 15km, I found a Maccas and Red Roosters. I had a lot of chips (I know right!), a salad and a burger with just Lettuce as they did not have the Veggie Patty. This moment I realized that I should have been more organized with my food… Anyway.. just think of the people who walk miles every day for food/ water :/ I really felt how blessed I am with the life I have.. yes.. all of us are…

Day 4 ><

I thought to leave early as it was a public holiday and the buses in Hastings was not frequent.

Ready to come back after a beautiful journey… 🙂 although I really miss the beautiful family I met there… 🙁

Had this veggie burger from a random shop on the way and it was really good and fresh.

It was the end of another beautiful experience. The more I travel the more I get to trust my instincts. Traveling is a good way to understand how beautiful people are… total strangers can be really kind and helpful. You will wake up everyday feeling how blessed your life is.

Life is beautiful… because.. we make beautiful waves… 🙂

Until we go on another trip…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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