Daylesford to Geelong

Destination: Daylesford, Bacchus Marsh, You Yang Park, and Geelong (In Victoria, Australia)
Number of days: 3 (2 nights)
Attractions: Daylesford lake, You Yang Park, Buckley Falls Park, Geelong Beach

It was a long weekend in March due to the Labour Day Public Holiday in Victoria. And also, it was the first trip I went with my lovely hubby and for the first time, I was driving such a long-distance… Oh that 110km/h+ feeling 😀

We could book a place last minute. It was a room in a house and we found lovely people there.

Day 1 ><

We left home Friday night and reached Bacchus Marsh at about 9.30 PM. So we just rested and slept as soon as we got there.

Day 2 ><

Daylesford lake. It was a beautiful walk around the lake and yes, it was a massive lake.

There were a lot like this, hiding the face inside the feathers 😀
Snack time
It is always good to kiss trees as much as possible
Soy “beef” Pho, Vietnamese noodle soup.. nom nom nom..

Day 3 ><

We went to You Yang Park. There are many hikes in the park and we chose the Finders Peak Walk.

Lunch on the way: Mushrooms, Salad, Tomatoes and Bread
The view from the Geelong wheel

Until we go on another trip…. ? ? ?

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