Bright Bright

Destination: Bright (A Town in Victoria close Mount Buffalo National Park, Australia)
Number of days: 3 (1.5 nights)
Attractions: Mount Buffalo National Park, Alpine National Park, Sullivans Lookout and Mount Hotham



It was a very sudden trip and I had just a few hours to prepare myself to go there. This time I am not alone as I went with a beautiful group of people. 9 adults and 5 cute kids (2 families and 4 mingling singles 😉 ). Everyone was dying to explore the beauty of nature 🙂 perfect!!! super perfect!!!! 🙂

Day 1 ><

The journey started on 26th of November, 2016. This time.. driving!!! 2 vehicles of 2 families and 1 with singles. ha ha haa… We left Melbourne at about 9 AM as it supposed to be a long drive. On the way, we were singing, joking and telling funny stories of each other. It made us feel less tired during the long drive.

We stayed at a cottage in the forest which was really spacious and it had all the Amenities (a kitchen, BBQ oven, A COFFEE MACHINE: My favorite:D and a really good view). There was a stream next to the cottage and we could not resist without jumping into it. Two of us actually slept on the stream (with the clothes we were wearing, not even the swimsuits), when the water was flowing over our faces. It was full of fun!!!

Day 2 ><   ><

This is the day we actually got time to explore the area as we were tired yesterday and arrived at the cottage late. We went to Sullivans Lookout and it had an amazing view. We saw a few rock climbers as well. We just felt like we were at the top of the world!!! On the way back we found another stream, this time a bigger, deeper, and more beautiful one. So most of us could not resist and again simply jumped into the water. Even the kids enjoyed it a lot this time. We spent a lot of time here and came back home for the BBQ night. The guys took the responsibility of the BBQ. (PS: If you are a vegetarian like me or a vegan, try Portobello Mushrooms, Corn with Mashed Potato) Then we sang songs and shared the memories till the early morning next day.

Day 3 ><  ><  ><

We had to leave so early today. We left the place at about 2 AM as a few of us got some work/ appointments in the morning. The best thing happened on the way ^_^ I got a chance to talk to Iraj, a Sri Lankan musician I had a crush on when I was a teenager. I talked to him over facetime, well… I was speechless. Thanks Rakitha for giving me a chance to talk to him. Finally, I arrived home at about 10 AM.


Last time I went by myself and this time with a group. As long as you love yourself you can enjoy both ways. This time you may have noticed that I have visited a lesser number of places. The reason is we actually focused on relaxing at one place rather than moving. Anyway, everyone enjoyed it a lot and it was another amazing getaway.

Special Thank: Udara, Menaka, Amila, Samangi, Jude, Rakitha, Achishka… Love you guys…

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