About Me & My Tattoo

I’m Subhashi Jayasekara.. (Just call me Sush) from beautiful Sri Lanka and living in beautiful Australia right now.?

A simple human being trying my best to remain human.

The only way to make the world more peaceful is by spreading kindness, happiness, love, and positivity. So I don’t believe in religions, races, political parties, countries or anything that creates lines between you and me… It’s just “love is in the air”

This is where I write whatever comes to mind (only the things that can be published.. ?). Feel free to read, share and correct me if I’m wrong.

The tattoo and why an eye?


Having a tattoo does not mean just “inking the skin”. Different shapes, colors, and types mean different things.

I always wanted to celebrate my 25th birthday and chose the Egyptian symbol “The Eye of Horus”. Horus is the “God of the sky”. According to different ideas, the symbol also represents the Pineal gland, a gland in your physical body which is also known as the gate to the universe.

As we all constantly change ourselves, going from one end to the other in the blink of an eye, I wanted this as a reminder of the journey…

By the way, it is always cool to have a tattoo. It is like having a friend with you all the time. You can look at it, smile with it and even talk to it.

?? Smile.. and enjoy every moment of your life??